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15 month old sable female. Not available...adoption PENDING

Bella is a 15 month old East German Working Line German Shepherd. She is very friendly, loving and playful. But, is also very protective of her family if she senses a threat. She is very friendly to other animals and is great at matching other dogs’ energies, regardless of how big or small they are. 

Bella is also very well trained (up to a year of age, she was hand fed and had to work/train for each of her three meals a day). She is great off leash and can sit, down, stay, heel, center, come, “woof” to bark. Bella has a very high food and prey drive, she is very motivated and loves working and playing. She can climb a tree about 10ft high. She also loves doing obstacle courses and jumping hurdles and climbing rocks. 

Bella has been introduced to both nose work, and bite work but is just at the very beginning. She enjoys going with me on hikes, swims, kayaking, multiple day camping trips (she is fearless and loves to patrol the woods at night for bears or coyotes), mountain biking, to the beach, and into the city. She loves to play fetch and has an endless supply of energy. She can also just sit and relax indoors. She knows that she’s not allowed to sit on human furniture and that we don’t play inside, she only chews on her toys inside. 

Inside the house, there are no doggie gates since Bella doesn’t need them since she is trained to not go into certain areas. Bella enjoys interacting with people more than toys. However, she does love balls, filled Kongs (Kong Extreme as she is a very heavy chewer), and meaty femur bones. Bella is around 70 pounds and still growing. She eats twice a day (1.5 cups of Inukshuk 26/16 each meal and a raw frozen drumstick with her second meal), her first meal being between 6-7AM and her second meal being between 6-7PM. She also loves fruits and vegetables, pitted dates, sweet potato, and pumpkin. She has no allergies and no food upsets her stomach. 

On the 15th of every month, Bella takes a Simparica Trio tablet for flea, tick, and heart worm.  

Serious inquiries only need reply 978-432-1235 Cathy 


For Sale

2 year old intact working line sable female. Crate trained, house trained, e-collar trained. DM clear, SV fast normal, up to date vaccinations. All inquiries call Alicia at 781-697-6133


2 year old male Akita available. Super playful, has had some obedience training and house broken. Would do best as an only dog and no children. Would be a great companion dog for the right person. Serious inquiries only call 603-422-4174 for more info. This dog is located in NH.

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